September Newsletter

As we have been blessed, so let us be a blessing to others.

This is one way to sum up the theme that we have for the year. Another way might be Grace Works! Not only does grace work but as we have received grace from the Lord, we display the outworking of what we ourselves have received, and bless others for the glory of God.

God promised Abraham “I will bless you… and you will be a blessing.” Gen. 12:2-3. God gave Abraham, the father of faith this promise. By faith, we too, as we follow in the footsteps of Abraham and trust God, in a sense receive this promise. We have been blessed and we need to be a blessing to others around us.

This idea and theme will be explored throughout the year. In what way have we been blessed; and so what? What do we need to do about it? How do we give that blessing to those around us. What do we leave behind after we have touched people’s lives?

One way we encourage our students to interact with the world around them and leave a positive mark is through the service hours program. The school board just met on August 29th and agreed to raise the requirements of the Service Hours. Each student in grades 9-12 are required to complete 25 hours of service each year that they are attending Wesley International School. To graduate they therefore need to have completed 100 hours of service over the four years.

We would love parents help and participation in helping our students achieve this. So if you have any projects or are involved in any ministry and think you would like extra help from any high school students please contact the school and we will encourage as many students as you require to come and join you in your ministry. We look forward to working with you in this and being reaching out to be a blessing to the people you are reaching out to.

So on to the Wesley events and news for September: On Friday, 6th of September the high school (grades 7 -12) will be going on a field trip. We plan to go to the beautiful lagoon on the other side of Pulau Sempu off the south coast of East Java. While there we will have a program of activities as well as some free time. We hope students will forge stronger friendship ties through communication (Developing Communicators) and activities such as these. We also want to Shape Citizens of the World through enabling a greater understanding and appreciation of Indonesia around us. We are looking forward to a fun day. The students already have a permission slip which they need to return with Rp. 50,000 (to help cover some of the transport and entrance costs).

September 20-22 we will be having the high school camp for grade 9-12. This is always a special time of spiritual growth for the students as well as a great time of fun for the weekend. It is an important part of our school programme of Raising Up Christians. Mr Gallagher will give more information regarding the camp over the next few weeks. The PTFA has already begun some plans regarding meals for that time and we thank them for their willingness to do this.

On September 26th– 28th, we will be hosting our annual High School Futsal Tournament. Please not that this is a change from the calendar which has it listed as the 13th to 15th of September. Come also a support our Boys and Girls football teams as they compete in this as preparation for the IISSAC tournament we will be hosting in October.

There are a couple afternoon clubs which have started on campus I would like to bring to your attention.

MFC (Elementary) runs every Monday afternoon. Please contact Pak Gusty for further information.

Elementary Gymnastics is held in the Gym. This is club limited in number to those who have signed up to ensure safety and supervision. Please contact Mrs. Felise Alaichamy for further details.

One last thing. We are trying out for this year. If you wish to pay any thing to Pak Jimmy, the school cashier, you will be able to use a BCA card. We will have a BCA card machine for paying into the school. This will be arriving in a few days time. This will be a trial for this year to see how useful it is.  We hope you will find it helpful.

I pray that you will be blessed throughout this busy month with the joy of the presence of Almighty God sustaining and enriching you in all you undertake.

Jonathan Heath



Wesley International School

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