November Letter

” It is what is after the BUT that counts”

A few weeks ago in our teachers morning devotions a teacher shared that it was what was after the “but” that counted. We say things like, “I know that God is the God of peace, BUT I am so stressed with my work right now”, or “I know that the Joy of the Lord is my strength, BUT I am so tired and worn out these days”. You could fill in your own sentence.

Does these ring true with you. Are these sentences that you are telling yourself? You can see that it is what is after the But that we dwell one and that is the reality in our lives.

We need a new perspective on things. We need to change things around. We need to change our focus from ourselves to God. We need to put God at the heart of things, put him after the “but”.

 The sentiments would change to be this: “I am so stressed with my work right now, BUT I know that God is the God of peace. Give me your peace that passes understanding Lord.” “I am so tired and worn out these days, BUT the Joy of the Lord is my strength. Lord, fill me with your Joy as we face these days together.”

May God give you a change of perspective!


Allow me to start out saying a big THANK YOU to everyone how worked so hard to make IISSAC a big success. It was a great weekend for everyone involved. What put the icing on the cake for our school was that we also came away as champions. Well done Wesley Stars and thank you everyone.

We have started the second quarter of this school year and it seems that Christmas is sneaking up on us at an alarming rate. Check the calendar for event scheduled this month.

The SAT is held at Wesley on Saturday, November 2nd. As we need quite for the test there will be no other events going on at the school this Saturday morning.

Tuesday, November 5, is a holiday. It is the Islamic New Year and it is a day off school. Immediate following that we are hosting an Elementary and Junior Futsal tournament from Wednesday to Friday.

Basketball practices are starting this week or next week. All students from 7th – 12th grade are welcome to come along to practice and play. For more information on the practice times etc, please see the schedules around school and those already sent out.

Upper Elementary Camp – grades 3-5 (November 15-16) and Lower Elementary Camp – grades K-2 (November 23) Shawn Dunn is helping us out with this. Shawn and the teachers are   planning for them right now and may need help with some things. And certainly need your prayers.  Look out for more information about this in the coming weeks.

There will a Thanksgiving Day Program on the 28th of November.  We will celebrate together with a traditional American Thanksgiving lunch meal and program during the school lunch period.  More information will follow.

Elementary Parents, your children are starting to work on songs and the play for the Christmas programme. Please work with them to make sure that they know all their parts. We can work together to make this a great production. Miss Emma (the 4th grade teacher) is taking the lead on putting this production together.

God bless you,

Jonathan Heath

Director, Wesley International School


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