Kindergarten – Phonics

We believe that God calls us to be creatures who communicate through language, based on His example of communicating with us through His revealed Word, the Bible. In the Bible, God employs many forms of literature, including stories and poetry, to instruct us in His character and expectations of us.  Therefore we believe it is important for students to learn to communicate clearly and effectively through language, as well as to develop a love of God’s Word and an appreciation for the gifts of the spoken and written word.  Students should master grammar, spelling, and other writing conventions, as well as learn how to comprehend spoken and written words, to think critically about them, and to respond clearly and thoughtfully through writing and discussion.

Course Objective
The Kindergarten Saxon Phonics program is a systematic program that teaches children to read and pronounce words by learning the phonetic (spoken) value of letters, letter combinations and syllables. (DC) The Saxon phonics series builds on prior learning and new learning is presented in increments, and each increment is review throughout the year. (NLL, ET) This program may be used with any other reading program. It’s objective is to provide students with the information they need to be able to read independently.(SCW, NLL) If a child learns to read then he/she can read God’s word and apply it to their life. (RUC)

Saxon Phonics Teacher’s Resource booklet/140 Student Lesson Sheets/Readers/Word Lists/Letter Tiles/Irregular Spelling Booklets/Kid Cards/Wall Charts and Posters/Sight Word Charts/Rule Charts and Syllable Division Charts.

Time Allotment
30 minutes per day, 5 days a week

Course Content

  • Daily Work Sheets
  • Word Lists
  • Individual Readers
  • Coding Words
  • Recognizing Letter Names and Sounds
  • Consonants and Vowel (long and short)
  • Blends, sight words, silent letters, compound words, diphthongs, digraphs and syllables
  • Oral assessment
  • Written assessment
  • Daily worksheets


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