Kindergarten – Math

God created humans with a rational and inquiring mind. He blessed them with the ability to count, tell time and make change. In mathematics we will explore and develop this God given gift systematically. As the Bible says “precept upon precept, line upon line…” (Isaiah 28:10). Students will systematically build up their knowledge of mathematics. As they learn the different disciplines of mathematics students will recognize the logic and order God imbued in the world and by implication that God is a God of logic and order. They will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of God through their study of Mathematics.

Course Objective
Kindergarten math students will learn Position and Sorting, Graphing and Patterns, Numbers through 31, Measurement,  Time and Money, Geometry and Fractions and will be introduced to Addition, Subtraction, Counting and Number Patterns to 100. We teach our students that Math is orderly and logical like God (ET, RUC). Children will learn how to explain math principles (DC) and learn about money that is different from their own country (SCW) and how to play games fairly.

Scott Foresmann Curriculum: Student Chapter Booklets/Enrichment Worksheets/Practice Worksheets/Home-School Connection Worksheets/Every Student Learns Worksheets/Teaching Tool Masters Worksheets/Assessment Source book/Answer key booklet for Practice and Enrichment Worksheets/Problem of The Day Overheads/Four Volume Teachers Edition Manuals/Math Manipulatives. We also use Net Book computers once a week to do Math skill building (ET, NLL) and apply Math to real situations. (ET)

Time Allotment
30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Course Content

  • Position and Sorting
  • Graphing and Patterns
  • Numbers through 5
  • Numbers through 10
  • Numbers through 31
  • Measurement
  • Time and Money
  • Geometry and Fractions
  • Readiness for Addition and Subtraction
  • Understanding Addition
  • Understanding Subtraction
  • Counting and Number Patterns to 100

Performance Assessment
Written Assessment
Book Tests
Daily Work


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