Indonesian as a Second Language – All Grade Levels

Language is a gift from God to help us communicate and build relationships with one another. Foreign children living in Indonesia should have the opportunity to develop friendships with Indonesians within their communities, churches, etc. WIS has a mandate to both provide the education that foreign students need and to foster positive relationships and partnerships between Indonesians and foreigners. A strong ISL program at WIS can meet both of these needs. A language learning program for children, which fosters enjoyment of the language and love for its people, is characterized by :

  • More oral than written activities
  • Classes conducted in the L2, with contextualization achieved through reality, pictures, drama, and other materials.
  • Activities which are fun, interesting, and discovery-oriented.
  • Teachers who act as facilitators rather than directors.

Course Objective
Students will develop skills in speaking the Indonesian language as well as in writing.  Students will also learn about cultural diversity and the ministry of Christianity in Indonesia. Students will also learn about various patterns of life with the various ethnic groups within Indonesia.


  • God is Good 1-4
  • Reading In Indonesian Culture
  • Modul Bahasa Indonesia untuk Sekolah International Tingkat Mahir


  • Indonesian cultural material and English For Life
  • Modul Bahasa Indonesia untuk Sekolah International Tingkat Dasar dan Madya dan Mahir
  • Bahasa Indonesia untuk Wesley;Tata Bahasa Indonesia and Sari Kata Bahasa Indonesia

Time Allotment
50 minutes per day, 5 days a week (For Junior and Senior High)
50 minutes, 2 days a week   (For Elementary Grade 3-6)
50 minutes, I day a week   (For Elementary Grade 1-2)

Course Contents

  • Vocabulary and phrases
  • Activities fostering use correct sentence structure in speech and in simple writing.
  • Silent and oral reading of stories of grade level interest and appropriate language level, with comprehension check.
  • Activities fostering independent speech, including : ( pair and group work, retelling stories, and giving oral sport).
  • Bible verses and Christian songs.
  • Hearing Indonesian in context, through content courses.
  • Opportunities to develop friendships with Indonesian Children (People).
  • Opportunities to be involved in projects to discover Indonesian culture.


  • Participation and involvement  – 20%
  • Comprehension: following command, providing correct verbal and non verbal, responses, engagement in dialogue  – 20%
  • Production : sharing opinions, engagement in dialogue, projects, reports – 20%
  • Test and Quiz – 40 %


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