High School – Web Design

Philosophy Statement
The Internet offers almost limitless possibilities for communicating with others.  It can be used to connect with one person or to connect with millions.  The Internet has fundamentally changed the way the world functions in so many ways. It has impacted the way we function socially, how we do business, how we shop, and how we acquire knowledge.  The ability to communicate effectively through the internet is a valuable skill to possess. The Internet offers great potential for impacting the world and advancing God’s kingdom.  This course is designed to envision students to develop the skill of web design to harness this potential.

Students of web design will learn the importance of personal integrity as they learn to create websites and contribute to the Internet. While this course is only an introduction to web design, students will acquire the basic skills to build a fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing website. They will also learn to become self-taught  in the disciplines of web design.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will be envisioned for harnessing the power of the Internet to communicate effectively with others and make a positive contribution to the World Wide Web  (ESLR: DC, NLL, ET, SCW, RUC).
  2. Students will learn how to acquire web design skills and knowledge on their own (ESLR: NLL, ET).
  3. Students will learn the basics of how the internet works (ESLR: DC, ET).
  4. Students will learn basic languages and software necessary for web design (ESLR: DC, ET).
  5. Students will learn basic graphic design functions necessary for web design (ESLR: DC, ET).
  6. Students will learn how to make their website appear in search engine results (ESLR: ET, DC).
  7. Students will create a fully-functional website using the skills and software they have learned during the semester (ESLR: RUCDC, NLL, ET, SCW).

*Due to the rapid pace of change in technology, this course relies completely on non-print resources. Students will learn how to find the up-to-date information they need for web design on the internet. 

  • The World Wide Web
  • Teacher-created video tutorials

Time Allotment
50 minutes per day, 5 days per week for 1 semester.

Course Content

  • Ethics and the Internet
  • Strategy for continual learning
  • Basics of the Internet (terminology, how it works, disciplines involved)
  • HTML, CSS, and Content Management Systems (specifically WordPress)
  • GIMP (open-source alternative to Photoshop)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Skills Tests
In-class participation
Final website project


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