8th Grade – Bible

Old Testament Survey

The Bible is the Word of God, the ultimate authority for Truth. God wrote His Word for us to learn about Him and His plan for us so it behooves us to study it carefully. We are responsible for knowing and heeding what God says. Since students frequently have studied lessons only on bits and pieces of Scripture, they have no concept of how the pieces fit together. Surveying each book of the Old Testament helps put the pieces in perspective and prepares them for more detailed concepts studied later. Learning basic principles repeated throughout Scripture prepares students for Christian thinking and further Bible interpretation.

Course Objectives
In this course students will get acquainted with the Old Testament as a whole. They will discover each book’s context—especially its relation to the other books—and in the end they will know where to locate key events and characters in the Old Testament. (ESLR: NLL, ET) In the lessons students will come to understand Scripture and scriptural principles as a whole. (ESLR: RUC) At the same time students will make application of basic Biblical principles that will enrich their lives. (ESLR: RUC) They will see foundations laid for future studies.(ESLR: NLL) Spiritual growth is fostered through weekly memorizing Bible verses and monthly setting of personal goals based on the verses or principles taught in the lessons that month. (ESLR: NLL, RUC) Students take turns leading prayer for a different country each day. (ESLR: SCW) Each quarter students research various topics and present the information through monologues, posters, bumper stickers, skits, and virtual radio broadcast. Once a year the class leads chapel. (ESLR: DC)

Textbooks: The Bible; Route 66 by Mark Reed, Positive Action, 2006
Bible dictionaries and commentaries

Time Allotment
50 minutes per day, 4 days a week, 2 semesters

Course Content

  1. How it all began: Where did we get the Bible and major divisions, Genesis (creation, sin, Abraham, Israel’s family tree)
  2. Deliverance: Exodus – Deuteronomy
  3. The Promised Land: Joshua – Ruth
  4. The United Kingdom: four people- Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon
  5. The Divided Kingdom: I Kings – II Chronicles
  6. The Remnant Kingdom: Ezra – Esther
  7. Poetry: Job – Song of Solomon
  8. Major Prophets: Isaiah – Daniel
  9. Minor Prophets: Hosea – Malachi

Bible memory (one to two verses per week, cumulative)
Completing the workbook Journal
Tests and quizzes


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