7th Grade – Social Studies (Geography)

Throughout the course students are exposed to various regions of the world with its variety of geographical features, cultures, and history. In doing so students will be made aware of the diversity of the world which God created. A sense of appreciation and tolerance for cultures and civilizations other than one’s own is awakened in the process.

Course Objectives
Various regions of the world is discussed following a pattern of (1) studying its geographical features and the impact that way have had on its history, (2) to learn about various aspects of its culture, and (3) to overview the major events of the region’s history.

To see a world, by Beverly J. Arnento, Klor de Alva, Gary B Nash, Christopher Salter, Louis Wilson, Karen K Wixson (Houghton Mifflin).

Time Allotment
50 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Course Content

  • Exploring culture and geography
  • Origins of todays world – various early civilizations
  • The Mediterranean and Southwest Asia
  • Africa – Egypt, Mali, Ghana, South Africa
  • Asia – India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia
  • Europe – Russia before, during, and after the Soviet Union
  • The Caribbean, central and South America
  • North America – Mexico, Canada

Test – 40%
Political Map – 20%
Physical Map – 20%
Projects – 20%


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