5th Grade – Social Studies

God created many people in the world, with different cultures, languages, and religions. These factors change and vary geographically and continuously throughout time. Paul exhorts us to be all things to all people. Social studies give students a chance to learn about ¡°all people¡±. Learning about the world, the different countries with their history and cultures prepares them to make wise choices for their countries and the future.

Course Objectives
Students will research and study their own home countries and share projects and information with the rest of their classmates. They will also study the continent and history of Australia and the history of the United States from about 1780 to 1990. They will spend one quarter learning more about Indonesia’s history, government, economy, and customs with a focus on the islands of Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.(SCW,ET,NLL,) They will write and give reports on the these counties.(DC) They will learn about the country from a Biblical perspective learning about the history of missions and the church in these different countries.(RUC)

Textbooks and Resources

  • Maps workbook, Internet sites with maps of the world from different centuries.
  • History Pockets Westward Movement
  • Atlas and world maps
  • Countries of the World Australia
  • Countries of the World United States
  • Countries of the World Indonesia
  • Old World History & Geography
  • U.S. files

Time Allotment
Three hours a week

Course Content

  • Map Studies
  • Home Countries
  • Australia & Oceania
  • US History (part 2 ¨C from the American Revolution to the twentieth century)
  • Indonesia part two

Class participation
Class presentations


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