5th Grade – Science

Science for the Christian is the study of God’s creation. The exploration of the creation should yield a direct appreciation for the creative work of God. What can be known of God we know through the creation (For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities¡ªhis eternal power and divine nature¡ªhave been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse – Romans 1:20), but the fallen nature of man and his frequent rebellion to acknowledge a Creator hinder this. Students will continually be called on to see the divine order of creation and its implications for other subjects, able to manage the created world according to what God has planned in the beginning, and will be stirred to think about the work of an infinitely loving, good God who has prepared a place for us to live temporally and eternally.

Course Objectives
That students will gain a view of science through a Biblical lens(RUC).Students will study what pollution is and how it effects our daily lives as well as how to prevent it.(SCW,NLL) Students will look at two body systems, the respiratory and circulatory systems and how we can keep them healthy to avoid disease.(NLL) Students will study simple machines and how they help our daily lives.(ET) Students will also read and perform simple experiments to find out what makes planes fly. Students will learn how to follow the scientific method including documenting and reporting on experiments and outcomes.(DC,ET,NLL)Students will look at scientific input from different countries(SCW)

Textbooks and Resources

  • Delta Science Module Tub Kits for Pollution, Simple Machines, & Flight & Rocketry. Teacher’s manual with each kit.
  • Photo copy masters
  • Delta Science readers
  • Disease & Health transparencies and teachers discussion notes with activity sheets

Time Allotment
50-60 minutes twice a week

Course Content

  • Pollution
  • Body Systems/Health and Disease
  • Simple Machines
  • Flight & Rocketry

Areas to be evaluated

  • Class participation
  • Projects and/or Unit tests
  • Vocabulary quizzes


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