2nd Grade – Science

Science for the Christian is the study of God’s creation. The exploration of the creation should yield a direct appreciation for the creative work of God. What can be known of God we know through the creation (For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse – Romans 1:20), but the fallen nature of man and his frequent rebellion to acknowledge a Creator hinder this. Students will continually be called on to see the divine order of creation and its implications for other subjects, be able to manage the created world according to what God has planned in the beginning, and be stirred to think about the work of an infinitely loving, good God who has prepared a place for us to live temporally and eternally.

Course Objectives
In second grade science students will learn about mammals, Arctic and Antarctic habitats, magnets and All About Me (human body/hygiene).


  • Mammals – Science Series Mammals, Evan-Moor, Mammals teacher prepared worksheets in a red folder.
  • Magnets – Magnets and Electricity Carson-Dellosa Publishing Co.(1995), teacher prepared Magnificent Magnet Book, Thematic Unit Magnets, Teacher Created Materials Inc. (1999), teacher prepared Magnificent Magnet Book
  • Arctic and Antarctic Habitats – Teacher prepared computer generated materials including worksheets in a green folder
  • All About Me – Learning About My Body Resources, Evans-Moor (1987), Keeping Healthy, Carson Dellosa (1994)


  • Mammals – Large tub materials about maammals, a sample research report, requirements for report and grading sheet. Discover Science – Animals and Their Homes, Dale Seymour Publications (2000), Zoo Book Magazines, Wildlife Ed., Little Guides Mammals, Fog City Press (1999), puzzles.
  • Magnets – a tub of materials on magnets including a magnet kit, posters, magnets, teacher resource books and a teacher prepared Magnificent Magnet Book.
  • Arctic and Antarctic Habitats – a large plastic tub of materials about Arctic and Antarctica, 4 large posters of Arctic and Antarctic, Antarctica Schools Pack, Antarctica, Evan Moor (1999), sets of books THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PENGUIN PUZZLE and THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS POLAR BEAR PATROL, Penguin of the Artic BBC VCD.
  • All About Me (human body/hygiene) – a large plastic tub with books, charts, posters, folders, teacher prepared book of worksheets, teacher resourse books.

Time Allotment
45 minutes per day 4 days a week

Course Content

  • Magnets – Students will work with magnets identifying magnetic objects, types of magnets, strengths of magnets, magnetic poles, making magnets, uses of magnets, doing experiments with magnets.
  • Mammals – Students will be able to identify 5 characteristics of mammals, mammal habitats, protection, eating habits, and write a report on a mammal of their choice.
  • Arctic and Antarctic Habitats – Students will learn what a habitat is, Arctic and Antarctic habitats – differences and likeness, animals in these habitats, how the animals survive in these habitats, research penguins, make a tundra replica using plaster of paris, make a booklet of Arctic and Antarctic animals.
  • All About Me (human body\hygiene) – Students will learn the main functions of muscles, skin and bones, learn good fitness habits, differentiate between good and bad fitness habits, understand the role of food in their health and list healthy eating habits.

Student participation, teacher observation, daily work, reports and tests.


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