1st Grade – Science

Science for the Christian is the study of God’s creation. The exploration of the creation should yield a direct appreciation for the creative work of God. What can be known of God we know through the creation (For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse – Romans 1:20), but the fallen nature of man and his frequent rebellion to acknowledge a Creator hinder this. Students will continually be called on to see the divine order of creation and its implications for other subjects, be able to manage the created world according to what God has planned in the beginning, and be stirred to think about the work of an infinitely loving, good God who has prepared a place for us to live temporally and eternally.

Course Objectives
In first grade science students will learn about plants, earth materials (soil, water, and rocks), sea life, and the five senses. (ESLR: SCW) They will understand that God is the creator and sustainer in all these areas of study. (ESLR: RUC) They will do experiments and write reports. (ESLR: DC, ESLR: NLL) Students will learn the scientific method. (ESLR: ET)

From Seed to Plant – Delta Education, Inc., 1996
Investigating Earth Materials Level One – BSCS Science T.R.A.C.S., Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 1999
Sea Life teacher prepared booklet,
Five Senses – Primary Theme Series Five Senses – Creative Teaching Press, 1999, Marjorie Conrad; Using Your Senses – Delta Science Readers, Delta Education, LCC, 2003

Plants – 3 large tubs of supplies for planting a classroom garden, teacher help booklets on plants, transparencies, posters, Fascinating Science Projects Plants, Aladdin Books, 2001; Explore and Discover Plants, Creative Teaching Press, 1996, Sandra Ford Grove and Judi Hechtman

Earth Materials – BSCS prepared unit, Rocks and Materials Step-by-Step Science Series, Carson-Dellosa Publishing Co., 1994, Toni Albert

Sea Life – Student textbooks, teacher notebook, plastic containers of materials for the unit. Two tubs of sea life books, puzzle, posters, teacher help booklets.
*God’s Wonderful World Coloring Book – Seashore
*September – Making Books with Pockets pp 67 – 96
*Life in the Ocean – Picture Cards
*Learn All About Ocean Life
*Thematic Unit – Sea Animals
Sharks – *Amazing Facts Activity Fun Book
*Animals of Sea and Shore from the library
*****Students complete a book of sea life and make a report on one particular kind of sea life.

Senses – Daily lesson, books, posters, games, senses fair

Time Allotment
45 minutes per day 4 days a week

Course Content

  • Plants – Students plant a classroom garden and do experiments with plants to see how they grow, what they need to grow, which way they grow, parts of plants and seeds and differences in plants.
  • Earth Materials – Students experiment with different kinds of soil (sand, clay, loam), different kinds of water (pond, tap, mineral) and different kinds of rocks.
  • Sea Life – Students study different kinds of plants and animals, complete a sea life book and write a report on a specific animal.
  • Senses – Students study about their five senses with experiments which they share at a Senses Fair at the end of the unit.

Student participation, teacher observation, daily work, reports and tests.


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