11th Grade – U.S. History

History has a beginning and end (see Genesis and Revelation). It has a goal and purpose. Though it is the study of events in the past, it has current meaning and relevance. If a people do not know their history they do not know their culture or themselves. The lessons of history teach us about cause and effect and why things have happened they way they did, and how we can learn from their mistakes and successes. History teaches us about the immense failings of the human race across time and cultures, that there is no innately, morally perfect or superior race or culture, and the need for humanity to look for answers beyond our own intelligence and capabilities; to look to the God who made us for answers. History also shows us moments of creativity, compassion, progress and reform and can teach us to recognize and value and promote what is good over what is evil in human history. It also teaches us about great people and the roles they played and provides models for us to both emulate and to shun.

Course Objectives
In American History students will learn about the reasons people emigrated to America (ESLR: SCW), the search for new freedoms and rights and the expanding definitions of freedom and rights through its history. Students will look at the reasons for America’s founding and through studying its historical events, government documents and laws, and its people determine whether America has been or is, true or not to its founding beliefs (ESLR: NLL, ET). Students will study how the philosophies and ideas of American democracy and culture have influenced the world to this day (SCW, NLL). Students will learn about the many roles of Christian beliefs and activists throughout American history (RUC). There is a balance between learning facts of history and the role of ideas and beliefs which constitute the bigger picture of history. Students will periodically make presentations about regional history or great people (ESLR: DC).

Time Allotment
50 minutes daily, 2 semesters


  • Textbook: A History of The United States by Boorstin & Kelley; Prentice Hall
  • Various historical movies;
  • PBS and other history videos
  • Maps
  • Variety of Barnes & Nobles’ Portable Professor audio lessons
  • Historical music CDs
  • Copies of original sources: documents, laws, photos, letters, etc.

Course Content

  • 1400s-1763: Age of Exploration & Colonizing the New World
  • 1763-1799: Forming a New Nation
  • 1800-1840: One Nation Made From Many/ Struggles of a New Nation
  • 1800-1860: A Nation Growing & Dividing
  • 1850-1900: Civil War, End of the Frontier, Gilded Age
  • 1890-1932: Progressive Era/Reform, Empire, WWI, Coming of Great Depression
  • 1933-1945: Great Depression, WWII, Korean War, Cold War
  • 1945-Present: Every Day Life Changes/Technology, Cold War, Turbulent Times, Civil Rights,
  • End of Cold War

Homework Quizzes & tests
Various group and individual projects Map tests
Video viewing guides


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