10th Grade – Psychology

In studying Psychology we aim to give students a basic understanding of human behaviours and of how the human brain/mind functions. Also gaining an understanding of, and hopefully compassion for people who aren’t able to function properly because of mental abnormalities.
Through their study of this subject the hope is that students will be in awe of how God has created us to function, how he understands and knows us completely (Psalm 139). That students will be amazed at God’s handiwork and this will draw them closer to him, trusting Him more in the knowledge that He understands us fully.

Course Objectives
To give students an understanding of functions of the brain/mind and human behaviours. To use critical thinking skills to analyse data and observations of people’s behaviours (ESLR: ET; NLL). Students will also observe and discuss different behaviours in the light of God’s word and will learn how to deal with psychological issues (e.g. stress) in a biblical way (ESLR: RUC). Students will appreciate the sociological, anthropological approach to Psychology, learning to be sensitive to how different cultures shape human behaviour in different ways (ESLR: SCW). Students will learn how to undertake independent research beyond the textbook to prepare detailed presentations and papers (ESLR: DC; NLL). Students will understand the psychological benefit of good study habits and will practise these throughout the course (ESLR: NLL).

Introduction to Psychology 6th edition (Rod Plotnik) 2002 Wadsworth Group California


Time Allotment
50 minutes per day, 5 days a week

Course Content

  1. Discovering Psychology
  2. Psychology & Science
  3. Brain’s Building Blocks
  4. Incredible Nervous System
  5. Perception
  6. Consciousness, Sleep, & Dreams
  7. Hypnosis & Drugs
  8. Types of Memory
  9. Remembering & Forgetting
  10. Intelligence
  11. Thought & Language
  12. Health, Stress, & Coping

Unit tests & projects – 35%
Module Quizzes – 25%
Homework – 25%
Class participation – 10%


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