Monthly Newsletter

September Letter from the Director

Psalm 139:23 (NLT) “Search me, O God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.”

Be Seen

Be Seen 2At the beginning of a new year, I encourage you to think about seeing.   And first to look at yourself. Examine yourself through the lens of God. Look into yourself knowing that God sees you. One of the names of God revealed in the OT in the story of Hagar is El Roi, the God who sees. God sees you: your desires, dreams, disappointments, hopes, and temptations. Open yourself to be seen by God and have the courage to act on the things he points out in your lives.


Philosophy of Education at Wesley

We have a Philosophy of Education here at Wesley that underpins all we endeavor to do at School. I wanted to share parts of it with you month by month this year.

Wesley School is an academic learning community that challenges students to glorify God in every thought, word and deed.  Wesley is a community that emphasizes character development as well as academic excellence.  These ideals are realized by integrating a biblical view of life across all disciplines of learning – from sciences to fine arts, from humanities to theology.  Since all truth is God’s truth, we will not avoid the broad range of human knowledge, but will engage the respective disciplines at appropriate times and in the context of the truth found in the Bible.  We will not place any human philosophy above the truth of God’s Word.

We are an academic community that exists to support parents, who have the primary responsibility for the education of their children.  We believe that God will use our school and parents to aid students in becoming history makers to impact their world with insight, action and love.

We are a community that exists within the larger Indonesian community.  We will endeavor to engage the Indonesian community in ways that are beneficial to all and prioritize the understanding of Indonesian language and culture.

Clubs and Activities

Do you want to run a club or activity for students at Wesley? This might be cooking, choir, gymnastics, reading, art, chess, music lessons or any other thing you are interested in. If so please contact Mr. Heath, Mrs. Emma (Acting Elem. Principal, or Mr. Lucero (HS Principal). We are open to listen to all ideas. We want and appreciate your involvement in this. Clubs would run after school from 2:45 – 3:30 pm.

Thank you for a great start to school. We really appreciate all your support. If you have any comments or questions about the school please do not hesitate to speak to your teacher, a principal or myself.

Jonathan Heath

Director, Wesley School

Wise Men from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to Worship him.” Matt. 2:1-2

Plugged In

Our Father God  says to us from his heart “Search for me daily with as much diligence as the wise men on the night of My birth. My “star” still shines in the darkness. I still bring hope. I continue to light the way for anyone who seeks to worship Me. And as long as you keep Me on the throne of your life, you won’t have to look far to find me.”

A grateful response might be this “In search of the star, I journey far to see my heart’s delight. There, all along, in the day or the night, You wait to receive my gifts of praise and adoration. I have seen your light; I have found love wrapped in a manger. You, Lord, will always be the star of my life.

End of the Semester
keep-calm-carry-onMonday to Wednesday, December 14th to 16th, the secondary school will have their semester exams. Look for the schedule and help your students be well prepared for these end of semester exams so that they can best present what they have learnt in each of their classes this semester.

Thursday, December 17th, is ESLR day for the Secondary School. It is a day we will have activities that will focus on raising up one or more of our ESLRs. Miss Cook and other teachers are planning what that day will look like.

On the evening of December 17th, Wesley will be presenting its Christmas program. I invite you all to come along and enjoy the presentations of the Christmas story. We need and appreciate your support for your school and your children in this. Further information will come out about the particulars of this program.

Friday, December 18th is the last day of first semester. On that day we will start with a Chapel service all together and then there will be some other activities. Watch for further information about this day later. It will be only a half day and we will finish school by lunch time on that day.

Please Note that the Wesley school Office will be closed from December 24th until January 3rd. They will open again on January 4th. If you need anything from the school office make sure that you get it by the 23rd.

The second semester of school will commence for all students on January 12th. I look forward to seeing you back in School on that date.

March Letter

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” Psalm 90:12


It seems like the time is flying by. We have almost come to the end of the 3rd quarter of this year. Seniors are thinking about graduating. We have a number of teachers leaving us after many years of service at this school. As we come to the end of the third quarter I encourage each of us to think about how we spend each day in the service of Christ.


Sports Success IISSAC Girls Basketball Champions


I want to congratulate the Wesley Girls IISSAC Basketball team. They won the girls IISSAC tournament. Well done girls. Now we look forward to Swimming, Cross-country and Badminton. All three teams are practicing hard already.

The swimming team is going to participate in a friendly swim meet in Surabaya this coming Saturday March 7th.

Saturday, March 21st is Nyepi, a national holiday. The Cross-country team are planning on hosting a fundraising pickle ball tournament on that day. The Cross Country team will also be having their annual fun run on March 28th in the morning.


Thank you for your trust in and support for this school. May God bless you,

Jonathan Heath, Wesley School Director

December Newsletter

Christmas Devotiongodwithus1-copy1

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light;

on those living in the land of the shadow of death

a light has dawned. Is 9:2 (NIV)

 Once a year the Christmas season strikes both the sacred and the secular spheres of life with sledgehammer force. Suddenly Jesus Christ is everywhere. For approximately one month his presence is inescapable. You may accept him or reject him, affirm him or deny him, but you cannot ignore him. Of course, he is proclaimed in speech, song and symbol in all the Christian churches. But he rides every red-nosed reindeer, lurks behind every new doll, resonates in the most desacralized “season’s greetings.” Remotely or proximately, he is toasted in every cup of Christmas cheer. Each sprig of holly is a hint of his holiness, each cluster of mistletoe a sign he is here.

For those who claim his name, Christmas heralds this luminous truth: The God of Jesus Christ is our absolute future. Such is the deeply hopeful character of this sacred season. By God’s free doing in Bethlehem, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Light, life and love are on our side.”

 – Brennan Manning, excerpted from the NIV Ragamuffin Bible, page 775

 I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas with your families. At this time of year when we remember God giving his greatest and most gracious gift to all people, I hope you will experience God’s grace and blessings in your lives and families in a special way. I want to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas!

Christmas Activities

Next Friday, December 12th, The ASB is hosting aChristmas Banquet for secondary school students with tickets on sale from the ASB for students who wish to attend.

Next Saturday, December 13th, Wesley PTFA will be hosting a Christmas Bazaar. You are invited and welcome to attend. It will be in the gym, with a rummage/garage sale also going on. Please do not come before the opening time unless you are a vendor. Please park in the upper car park. This is an opportunity to buy Christmas presents and other things, to enjoy time together as a family to start entering in to that ‘Christmas feeling’.

Thursday, 18th December, we will have ourChristmas Programme. This year the elementary students and music class will be presenting The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, with the grades k – 2 presenting a separate Christmas presentation. The programme will start at 6 pm. Come and enjoy the evening.

I wish to give you an advance warning that between Christmas and New Year’s Day, our school office will be closed. It will be closed on December 25rd and reopen January 2rd.  All the staff will get this week off. If you have any business with the office please make sure that it is finished before then. Also if you need transcripts and other documents to meet college application deadlines please consider this well beforehand so that we have time to serve you in what you need.

Academic Programmes

This Saturday, December 6th, We will be holding the SAT test. Therefore there is going to be no other activities going taking place on Campus during that morning. We want to provide an atmosphere as conducive as possible for getting good results.  The next opportunity to take the SAT at Wesley will be January 24th, 2015.

Next Thursday evening, December 11th, The Seniors are going to be presenting their Senior Project presentations. These have been working on research projects all semester. Please come along and support them and enjoy a highly enjoyable, educational and informative evening. It will start at 5:30 pm and will be held in the Chapel.

The last week of school, for High school students will be exam week. Exams will be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure that your students get plenty of rest and are prepared for their exams. Make sure that your student is not late to school on these days.

Thursday 18th December, after exams are finished, we are planning a special day of activities designed to focus more on our Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs). More details of the activities will be announced closer to the time.

The last day of school will by Friday December 19th. We will be having a special Christmas chapel on that day, which, like all our chapels, all parents are free to attend as well if they wish. This last day of school will only be a half day. School will finish at 11:00.

Jonathan Heath

Director, Wesley School


April Newsletter

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Phil. 4:6

Thank You

So much has been happening around the school this last month. Two big highlights are the Mission trip to Binjae, near Medan and the Accreditation team coming to the school. The people on the mission trip had a great time and I want to thank all of you for your support of this trip. However, without minimizing that trip, I want to focus this letter on the accreditation team being here.

The joint accreditation team from WASC/ACSI was here with us last week. As you can imagine there was heightened nervousness and anxiety as we wanted to show our best side. This was the culmination of the last six years of work preparing for this reaccreditation visit. But at my house someone had written the verse above. It proved to be a real source of encouragement and grounding throughout the week. In the same way if you are facing an anxiety time this month, big or small, I encourage you to give it to God and let his words encourage you in the face of whatever is before you.

The accrediting team had a very positive visit and I want to share with you some of the feedback they have given to the school because you have played a big part in the success. Thank you!


The team recognized many strong points and commended the school in the following areas. We are proud of our good school and thank you all for the part you play in it.

  1. The school regularly reviews and frequently communicates the core documents and statements of the school to build a common foundation and continuity that regularly reminds the school community of its priorities.
  2. The whole community of WIS is committed to the unity and the values of the school, along with strong support for school leadership and teaching staff.
  3. The teachers have a strong commitment to the mission of the school which demonstrates highly commendable service to the students and families.
  4. The administration and teachers have a clear commitment to embed the ESLRs within the instructional life of the school which supports student development.
  5. The Administration is committed to improve and increase the technology available to teachers to support their classroom instruction.
  6. There are well maintained facilities at the school which promote a conducive learning environment and the opportunity for students to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities.
  7. The Board, Administration and Faculty have a clear commitment to the Christian principles of the school as laid out in the core documents which directly support the goal of “Raising up Christians”.
  8. The students display strong character, Christian disciplines and a commitment to service in their daily lives contributing to the positive environment at Wesley International School.


It is always nice to have the commendation outnumber the recommendations but the accreditation cycle is a process of school improvement, so we also expected a number of areas that they would leave recommendations to work on. There are commendations and recommendations for all areas of the school, but I will share with you the five major recommendations they left us, the big things that we have to address over the next six years.

  1. That the director devise a means to evaluate the members of the administrative team so that professional standards of competency are maintained for the well being of the school at large.
  2. That the supervision and evaluation process be reviewed to determine how it can be used to improve student achievement and promote best practices. Based upon information gathered from the evaluation process it is recommended that the Leadership also develop a focused professional development plan which aligns to the CSIP and improves student learning.
  3. That Administration and Faculty implement a curriculum framework within the school and a more defined curriculum review cycle to provide increased definition, and common approaches within the school to improve student learning.
  4. The leadership and faculty define and implement a set of school wide expectations for gathering and analyzing disaggregated external and internal assessment data to inform curriculum development, and drive instructional changes in the school in order to increase student achievement and make effective decisions on how to differentiate instruction.
  5. That the Leadership and Faculty develop assessment tools for evaluating student achievement of the ESLRs which will provide longitudinal data for program and instructional improvement.

These will now need to be folded into our Continuous School Improvement Plan, so that we can address these issues over the next 6 years.

Again thank you for the support and help that you all are in making this school such a great place to serve and minister. I know that we will be able to walk together and work together to meet these next set of challenges give to our school so that we can continue to grow.

Jonathan Heath

Director – Wesley International School

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” Psalm 90:12


The recent eruption of Mt. Kelud reminds us all that our days are numbered and disaster can overtake us at any time. Likewise, this school year is flying by and the days left are numbered. As we rush from day to day in our lives let us pause and ask God for wisdom to know how to live for Him in all things.

Thank You

I want to once again thank all of you involved in giving to the Mt. Kelud relief. We have delivered food and drink in affected areas a couple of times and will be continuing to help until the donations are all used up. We hope to be able to help by providing material to reroof some homes the next time we visit.

Leadership Handover

I want to announce the decision of the board to ask Mr. Mike Lucero and Mrs. Jen Feliciano to work together with the present principals to be ready to take over as High School Principal and Elementary Principal by the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

Accreditation Visit

The biggest event for the school this month will to the visit of the joint ACSI/WASC accreditation team. They will be visiting our campus from March 23rd-27th. We have help accreditation with them for the last 6 years, and they are coming to reaccredit us. Pray for this visit, the school and the visiting team members.

May God bless you,

Jonathan Heath,

February Newletter

WIS Directors Newsletter February 2014

Dear WIS Family

                It is unbelievable that another month has flown by and that it is already February. February…the month of Love… As I was reflecting on that I am challenged to take special care to show Christ’s love to each other this month. We all thrive with love. We all shine when someone shows us that we are loved. We all love to know that someone cares for us enough to do that something special.

We, as Christians, have this example of greater love before us. As we contemplate that ultimate example of Jesus dying for us, saving us from our sins and claiming us as

friends, let us consider how we may show love to each other.

Love is such a powerful emotion and the next section of our school’s philosophy of education deals with emotions. We are trying to help students become mature and well-rounded and emotional maturity is one piece of that. “We desire to teach students to express their emotions in Godly ways.” (This is taken from our school’s Philosophy of Christian Education document.)

As students and staff relate to each other in the milieu of many cultural and individual context we want to sensitively strengthen our relationships with each other through proper Godly expressions of emotions.

So, as we think about this, how can you lay down your life for someone else? What sacrifices could we make in our own lives that would show love, God’s love, to those around us?

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor on another about yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

Rom. 12:9-13

Continue to remember Marilyn Wykes, our elementary Principal as she is still in Singapore. She has had a knee operation trying to fix her knee and they are still waiting to let her out of hospital. Pray that she can return to our school soon and once again take up her duties.

Jonathan Heath

November Letter

” It is what is after the BUT that counts”

A few weeks ago in our teachers morning devotions a teacher shared that it was what was after the “but” that counted. We say things like, “I know that God is the God of peace, BUT I am so stressed with my work right now”, or “I know that the Joy of the Lord is my strength, BUT I am so tired and worn out these days”. You could fill in your own sentence.

Does these ring true with you. Are these sentences that you are telling yourself? You can see that it is what is after the But that we dwell one and that is the reality in our lives.

We need a new perspective on things. We need to change things around. We need to change our focus from ourselves to God. We need to put God at the heart of things, put him after the “but”.

 The sentiments would change to be this: “I am so stressed with my work right now, BUT I know that God is the God of peace. Give me your peace that passes understanding Lord.” “I am so tired and worn out these days, BUT the Joy of the Lord is my strength. Lord, fill me with your Joy as we face these days together.”

May God give you a change of perspective!


Allow me to start out saying a big THANK YOU to everyone how worked so hard to make IISSAC a big success. It was a great weekend for everyone involved. What put the icing on the cake for our school was that we also came away as champions. Well done Wesley Stars and thank you everyone.

We have started the second quarter of this school year and it seems that Christmas is sneaking up on us at an alarming rate. Check the calendar for event scheduled this month.

The SAT is held at Wesley on Saturday, November 2nd. As we need quite for the test there will be no other events going on at the school this Saturday morning.

Tuesday, November 5, is a holiday. It is the Islamic New Year and it is a day off school. Immediate following that we are hosting an Elementary and Junior Futsal tournament from Wednesday to Friday.

Basketball practices are starting this week or next week. All students from 7th – 12th grade are welcome to come along to practice and play. For more information on the practice times etc, please see the schedules around school and those already sent out.

Upper Elementary Camp – grades 3-5 (November 15-16) and Lower Elementary Camp – grades K-2 (November 23) Shawn Dunn is helping us out with this. Shawn and the teachers are   planning for them right now and may need help with some things. And certainly need your prayers.  Look out for more information about this in the coming weeks.

There will a Thanksgiving Day Program on the 28th of November.  We will celebrate together with a traditional American Thanksgiving lunch meal and program during the school lunch period.  More information will follow.

Elementary Parents, your children are starting to work on songs and the play for the Christmas programme. Please work with them to make sure that they know all their parts. We can work together to make this a great production. Miss Emma (the 4th grade teacher) is taking the lead on putting this production together.

God bless you,

Jonathan Heath

Director, Wesley International School

October Newsletter


 The Lord says “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgression, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” Isaiah 43:25

It has been a blessing to be listening in Chapel week after week what the Lord has done for me. We have each one been justified. We have been counted as righteous; not because of anything we have done but because God has chosen to not remember our sins anymore, if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and so have been covered by his saving sacrifice on the Cross. This is such a blessing that we should not, cannot keep it quiet and to ourselves. It is such good news we must share it. It reminds me of the most wonderful game of whispers: “Psst…You have been blessed, pass it on”. Except we don’t need to whisper it and the message is not garbled or changed over time, it is as powerful today as it has ever been. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast. Eph. 2:8-9

October has rolled around already! We’re two months into the school and rapidly coming to the close of the first quarter. Last month was full with many activities like the highschool field trip, high school camp, and the Futsal tournament. October will be a very busy month with lots of school activities.

So I want to say a big well done to both the Wesley boys and girls football teams for playing so well in the Futsal tournament. The girls battled well but ultimately went out at the semifinal stage.  The boys made the finals but finally succumbed to Setia Budi. Both the teams played really well.

On Saturday morning October 5, Wesley is hosting the SAT Exam. It will do so again on November 2nd. There will be no other activities at the school on these mornings.

Friday, October 11th is the last day of first quarter. There will be no school on the 14th and 15th of October as these will be our quarter break (Note the the second day of the break, October 15th is a national holiday: Idul Adha.). School resumes on the 16th with the first day of 2nd Quarter. On that Wednesday, October 16, our 10th and 11th Grade classes will sit the PSAT test.

On Friday, 25th the IISSAC football tournament will start. This tournament will be played from Friday through to Sunday’s finals on October 27th. Each team will play one game on the Friday afternoon. It is expected that some of the schools will arrive at school in the morning. The first game will commence around 2.30pm. Mr. Gallagher is overseeing the organization of this event and will be sending out details of the schedule and other information closer to the time.

Parent teacher interviews and reports can be received on Monday morning, October 21. No reports will be given to students. Reports are given to parents and are only available to parents who are current with their payment of fees. Parents will need to sign that they received the report. There will be no classes on the Monday October 22, as we hold parent teacher interviews. Elementary interviews will be held in each grade class room. High School interviews will be held in the gymnasium.

United Nations Day will be held on Wednesday, October 23. Once again, this will be an opportunity to share and appreciate one another’s culture (and food!) A combined Chapel will be held to thank God for our nations and our school. We invite all our parents to come and join in our celebration.

I pray that you will be blessed throughout this busy month with the joy of the presence of Almighty God sustaining and enriching you in all you undertake.

Jonathan Heath


September Newsletter

As we have been blessed, so let us be a blessing to others.

This is one way to sum up the theme that we have for the year. Another way might be Grace Works! Not only does grace work but as we have received grace from the Lord, we display the outworking of what we ourselves have received, and bless others for the glory of God.

God promised Abraham “I will bless you… and you will be a blessing.” Gen. 12:2-3. God gave Abraham, the father of faith this promise. By faith, we too, as we follow in the footsteps of Abraham and trust God, in a sense receive this promise. We have been blessed and we need to be a blessing to others around us.

This idea and theme will be explored throughout the year. In what way have we been blessed; and so what? What do we need to do about it? How do we give that blessing to those around us. What do we leave behind after we have touched people’s lives?

One way we encourage our students to interact with the world around them and leave a positive mark is through the service hours program. The school board just met on August 29th and agreed to raise the requirements of the Service Hours. Each student in grades 9-12 are required to complete 25 hours of service each year that they are attending Wesley International School. To graduate they therefore need to have completed 100 hours of service over the four years.

We would love parents help and participation in helping our students achieve this. So if you have any projects or are involved in any ministry and think you would like extra help from any high school students please contact the school and we will encourage as many students as you require to come and join you in your ministry. We look forward to working with you in this and being reaching out to be a blessing to the people you are reaching out to.

So on to the Wesley events and news for September: On Friday, 6th of September the high school (grades 7 -12) will be going on a field trip. We plan to go to the beautiful lagoon on the other side of Pulau Sempu off the south coast of East Java. While there we will have a program of activities as well as some free time. We hope students will forge stronger friendship ties through communication (Developing Communicators) and activities such as these. We also want to Shape Citizens of the World through enabling a greater understanding and appreciation of Indonesia around us. We are looking forward to a fun day. The students already have a permission slip which they need to return with Rp. 50,000 (to help cover some of the transport and entrance costs).

September 20-22 we will be having the high school camp for grade 9-12. This is always a special time of spiritual growth for the students as well as a great time of fun for the weekend. It is an important part of our school programme of Raising Up Christians. Mr Gallagher will give more information regarding the camp over the next few weeks. The PTFA has already begun some plans regarding meals for that time and we thank them for their willingness to do this.

On September 26th– 28th, we will be hosting our annual High School Futsal Tournament. Please not that this is a change from the calendar which has it listed as the 13th to 15th of September. Come also a support our Boys and Girls football teams as they compete in this as preparation for the IISSAC tournament we will be hosting in October.

There are a couple afternoon clubs which have started on campus I would like to bring to your attention.

MFC (Elementary) runs every Monday afternoon. Please contact Pak Gusty for further information.

Elementary Gymnastics is held in the Gym. This is club limited in number to those who have signed up to ensure safety and supervision. Please contact Mrs. Felise Alaichamy for further details.

One last thing. We are trying out for this year. If you wish to pay any thing to Pak Jimmy, the school cashier, you will be able to use a BCA card. We will have a BCA card machine for paying into the school. This will be arriving in a few days time. This will be a trial for this year to see how useful it is.  We hope you will find it helpful.

I pray that you will be blessed throughout this busy month with the joy of the presence of Almighty God sustaining and enriching you in all you undertake.

Jonathan Heath


Wesley International School

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Malang, East Java, Indonesia 65101

Phone: (62) 341 586410