Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

The Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR’s) are the goals which classes and activities at Wesley are centered around. They provide a benchmark by which evaluation occurs.

Wesley International School is:

Raising up Christians:

  • who have an ongoing personal relationship with Christ which is transforming their character with integrity.
  • understand basic biblical principles.
  • take responsibility for their actions, learning and lives.
  • understand themselves and develop their God given capabilities.

Developing Communicators:

  • who communicate effectively through writing, speaking, reading and listening.

Nurturing Lifetime Learners:

  • who are able to perpetually expand their knowledge base.
  • know how to access and assimilate information from the various mediums in a technological society.
  • set personal goals: spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • are self disciplined.
  • produce quality work that reflects individual potential.

Educating Thinkers:

  • who can analyze, evaluate, and integrate ideas and information.
  • have the ability to plan a task, organize, execute, and evaluate it, both independently and as a part of a team.
  • think critically and creatively.

Shaping Citizens of the World:

  • who develop an understanding of other cultures.
  • contribute their time, energies, and talents to accomplish God’s purposes in their families, communities, and nations.
  • give dignity and respect to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or any other difference, relate well with others, and work cooperatively in a multi-cultural environment.
  • have a biblical World view which shapes their attitudes to the world around them.
  • develop Godly friendships with others.

Wesley International School

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